How to Add Your Instagram Account

his guide will show you how to add your Instagram account to your Gramto account.

You can add your account following the brief guide below;

1. Click on Accounts 

2. Click on New Account

3. Enter Your Username (Without the '@' symbol.). e.g gramtoposter

4. Enter Your Instagram Password.

NOTE: If you login to Instagram with your Facebook Account, you need to enter your Facebook Password as the Password.

5. Enter Your Proxy Proxy (Optional but strongly recommended). You can request for a free private proxy from here -

6. The next page requires that you enter the six digit code sent to your phone or email.

Ensure to check your Spam box and Gmail users should check the Social Tab if you don't receive the code after 10 minutes.

Clear your browser cache if you do not receive the code after 10 Minutes and try again.

Video Tutorial



1. I didn't receive the Verification Code

2. I get 'Solve all Challenges Error'

3. Account Already in Use Error