Getting Started

How to Add Your Instagram Account

This guide will show you how to add your Instagram account to your Gramto account. You can add your account following the brief guide below; 1. Click on Accounts 2. Click on New Account 3. Enter Your Username (Without the '@' symbol.). e.g gramtoposter 4. Enter Your Instagram Password. NOTE: If you login to Instagram with your Facebook Account, you need to enter your Facebook Password as the Password. 5. Enter Your Proxy (Optional but strongly recommended). A proxy close to your locati...

Instagram Safety Tips with Gramto

There are some safety tips that you should be aware of before using any automation service. These tips will guide you on how to be safe Read the full article here - Instagram Safety Tips with Gramto (

Introducing the New Profile Editor

We're pleased to announce the new Gramto's Instagram Profile Editor 🤳. With this powerful feature, you can achieve so much with your Instagram account directly on Gramto. And that includes; 👉 Edit Profile Name, Bio, and Link 👉 See Each Post Engagement Rate (ER) 👉 View Post detailed Insight and Metrics (Business Account only) 👉 Edit post caption 👉 Archive and delete a Post 👉 Download Post Media 👉 See the list of Followers/Followings and see the relationship between accounts. How to U...

How to Update Your Account Proxy

You might need to change your account proxy on Gramto to fix the most common errors like Feeback Required, Re-login Required and more. To achieve this, kindly follow the below guide; 1. Request for a New Proxy on this page - 2. Goto Accounts > Edit (Click on the 3 dots on your account) 3. Paste the proxy sent to you in the Proxy field and Save.

How to Add a Team Member to Your Gramto Account

Starting from Version 6.1.2, Gramto let you add your team members to manage your Gramto accounts. You can assign full privileges or certain modules and privileges to your team members. In this guide, we'll be showing you how to setup and manage your Gramto Team members. How to Add a Team Member Note: Your Team members must be registered at Gramto before you can add them. They cam simply signup for the Trial Plan to be eligible To add a team member, follow the guide below; 1. Click on t...