How to Change Credit Card Details

To change your saved credit card details for automatic payments, simply cancel the automatic payments ( enabled. Then click on the renew button to add your new card details. NOTE: Canceling your subscription automatically deletes your card information from our payment processor.

How to Upgrade Your Gramto Plan

To upgrade your account from one plan to another, kindly follow the below steps; 1. Ensure that your current plan is not on Auto Payments. If it is, read this article to cancel it ( 2. Click on the Upgrade Button from the top right menu or Click HERE ( 3. Select your new desired plan and click on payments. 4. Your account will be automatically upgraded to the new plan. NOTE:...

How to View and Download Payment Invoice

To download all of the invoices you've made via Gramto, Kindly follow the below steps; 1. Click on Payments from the main menu 2. On the Payments Page, click on the Settings Tab 3. Fill out your personal/company details and Save 4. Now click on the Payments Tab 5. You'll see the list of all payments made on Gramto and you can click on the invoices to download.

How to Cancel Auto Subscription

To cancel your auto subscription on Gramto, follow the below guide; 1. Click on Profile from the top right menu or visit HERE ( 2. Click on the Cancel Automatic Payments button You've now successfully cancelled your automatic payments and all subsequent payments will be manually done.

I can't add additional Accounts after Upgrading

In some rare cases, you might not be able to add more accounts after upgrading your Gramto plan. This is an issue that we're currently looking into and will be resolved in the next update. However, kindly reach out to the support via email or Live chat and we'll resolve this as soon as possible.

How to Pay Using Paypal

UPDATE: We've temporarily disabled the automatic Paypal payment option due to some bugs. It'll be available soon. However, You can still contact us via chat on how to manually Pay using Paypal.