How to Publish an Album to Instagram via Gramto

This guide will show you how to publish your multiple images also known as Instagram Album to your Instagram account via Gramto.

1. Upload the images/videos that you want to publish to your Gramto Library. You can also import images and videos from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

2. From the Add Post screen, Select the last tab Add Album

3. Now select the images/videos that you'll like to publish by double-clicking on each or by dragging them to the New Post Tab.

Note: You can re-arrange the images by dragging them in the New Post Tab.

4. Write your caption in the caption field. And add the first comment in the First Comment tab (Optional)

5. Now Select the Instagram account you wish to Publish the post.

5. Tick the Schedule box to schedule the post. You can select the date and time that you wish to publish the post.

5. Click the Post Now button to publish the post instantly.

PS: Click the Advanced Options to Tag a Location and to Delete the image/video from your Gramto Library after publishing.