My Automation Log is Empty

When you see that your automation activity log is empty, kindly fix by confirming the following; NOTE: When you setup the automation, it takes 10-30 Minutes for the activity to start. Kindly wait for at least 30 minutes to be sure that it isn't running. 1. Status is Activated: Ensure that you've activated the automation by changing the STATUS from DEACTIVATED to ACTIVATED. 2. Add Targets to your automation: Automation activity won't run if you do not add targets in the form of Hashtags...

I can't find all of my previous Automation settings

We apologize for this inconvenience. There was a huge change from Instagram and this forced us to make a major change to the system. We upgraded to Version 7 which merged all automation tools into a single module. Unfortunately, the previous settings in version 6.x can't be migrated to the new system. The new automation system works better and more stable. Read more about the update here - https://cl.ly/0ffe8f

I can't find the Auto Follow/Like/Comment Features?

These features are not available on the trial plan by default. Kindly provide your registered email (Via Chat) so that we can enable for your account. However, they're available on all paid plans by default.

Is My Account at Risk for Using Your Tools?

Your account is not in any way at risk if you follow the safety method we’ve laid out. Do not Use the Fast or Very Fast speed options if you’re running multiple functions at the same time. And for new Users, Always start with the Slow Speed option for the first few days, you can increase this to Medium, then Fast after some weeks.

Can I Add More than 10 Instagram Accounts?

Yes. We have Pro Plans that can host up to 100 accounts. Kindly email us your need and we’ll get in touch to you with the other options available. Update: All of the Pro Plans are now available at the upgrade page.

Can I Upload Multiple Images at a Time

Yes, you can. You can upload up to 10 images at a time to your Gramto Media Library. When you click on the Upload button, simply select up to 10 images to Upload.

What is the Ideal Activity Speed for Automation?

There is no best speed when it comes to automation. However, we always advise starting with Medium Speed. You can then increase this gradually as time goes on. Kindly see the number of activities for each speed setting (https://support.gramto.com/941155-Understanding-the-Automation-Speed).

Why Does my account shows Inactive in Automation?

Kindly change the STATUS to ENABLED to activate

My Published Posts don't display on IG?

If your published posts don't display on Instagram after successfully publishing on Gramto. This means that you need to change/update your account proxy. You can request for a Free Private Proxy Here. (https://www.gramto.com/request-private-proxy) After changing your proxy and still encounter the same issue, kindly contact us via Chat.

Do I need my PC Powered On to run activities?

No. Gramto is a cloud-based system and all activities run on our servers. You can always switch off your computer after scheduling your activities.

Can't Select Team to Manage for Expired Account

If your account expired and can't select a team to manage, simply click this link to bring up the select option - https://www.gramto.com/app/e/teams/select