How to Setup Auto Repost Module

There are many ways to gain massive followers on Instagram and among them is sharing relevant content with the right hashtags targeting.

However, it could be difficult for you to constantly come up with amazing photos to publish to your Instagram page. Posting engaging and beautiful content every time can be time consuming and expensive.

This is why you need Gramto’s auto repost function. The first of it’s kind, you can repost content from other users based on hashtags, locations and people.

How to Repost with Gramto

1. Click on Auto Repost from the main menu

2. Select your desired account from the account list

3. Set your Target (Hashtags, Places or People)

4. Select your desired Speed.

5. Enter your desired Caption (Or simply use the one by the original poster).

6. Change the Status to Active, then Save to start.


All you need to do is relax and watch how Gramto searches for engaging content to post on your behalf to your account.