How to Setup the Auto Unfollow Tool

In this section, we'll be showing you how to properly set up the auto unfollow tool on Gramto. The auto unfollow function let you unfollow those you follow on Instagram automatically.

How to Set Up Auto Unfollow Action

1. Click on the Auto Unfollow button from the main menu.

2. Click on the desired account from the account list

3. Set your desired Unfollow Speed (Read more about SPEED here)

4. Change the STATUS to ACTIVE

5. Click SAVE to begin the unfollow process.

Optional Settings

a. Whitelist: This field let you enter the list of accounts that you do not want to unfollow. The system will skip such account

b. Unfollow Min Count: This is the number of followings you wish to have at any given time. E.g When set to 100, the system will stop to unfollow when you have 100 followings remaining.

c. Unfollow after xx Days: This is the number of days to wait before unfollowing the user that you just followed. 

d. Don't unfollow my followers: The system unfollows just those who do not follow you.

e. Source: Set your unfollow source. All followings or only those followed using Gramto's auto-follow tool.

f. Pause Actions Everyday: This is a very useful option that let you pause your automation at a set period of the day. It is recommended to pause your activities at Midnight of your local time. This makes your activities looks human enough.