How to Setup The New Automation System v7

This article will guide you on how to setup Gramto's new automation system. Starting from version 7, the automation modules have been merged into a single module and you can enable or disable each option in this module.

To get started, click on the AUTOMATION button from the main menu;

Note: If you enable any feature under the Engagement Tab, such feature won't appear under the Automation Tab. You have to disable from Engagement to have them back in Automation. Except for Auto Like.

1. Target Settings

The first step requires that you set up your targets. You can either search by Hashtags, People (Instagram Users) or Location. All you need to do is key in your desired target, the system will load the available options and you can select your choice of target.

2. Speed and Status

The next step is the Automation Speed and Activation.

Speed: You can select from e options of Safe (Slow), Normal (Medium) and Fast. We recommend starting with the Medium option if you're new to Gramto or running just the Auto DM tool.

Status: This determines if your Automation runs or not. When set to Deactive mode, none of your modules will run, so activating it means you're kick-starting the system after completing every other settings.

3. Auto Follow

To activate the Auto Follow Module, simply tick the Auto Follow box. 

Mute Followed Users: This option let you mute those you followed via this module. Meaning their posts won't display on your timeline. This ensures you maintain a clean feed.


4. Auto Unfollow

Tick the Auto Unfollow Box to Activate this action. To select a waiting period before unfollowing those you followed, simply Activate and enter the number of days to wait.


5. Auto Like

Tick the Auto Like box to activate the function.

Like Timeline: This option let you like the posts on your timeline and the timeline of your target.

Like Explore Feed: This option let you like the posts on the feed of your targeted hashtags and locations.

Like your post comments: This automatically like the comments on any of your posts.


6. Auto View Stories

This lets you view stories of your target audience and the stories of the followers of your target users, hashtags or locations.

To activate, simply Tick the activation box.


Power View Stories

This option let you view thousands of Instagram Stories daily based on hashtag, location or targeted users. This is currently the most feasible way to grow your Instagram accounts and boost engagement.

To setup, simply check the Power Story View box under the Auto Story View Settings.

7. Auto DM (New Followers)

Tick the activation box to activate.

Type your message in the box and click the ADD MESSAGE button.

Note: You can add an unlimited number of Messages. Do not forget to click the Add Message before Saving. SPINTAX are also supported.

8.  Pause Actions Everyday

This is a very useful option that let you pause your automation at a set period of the day. It is recommended to pause your activities at Midnight of your local time. This makes your activities look human enough.


After setting up all of the options according to your need. Click the save button kick start the activities.

Always look into the Activity Log to see your activity progress.