Fix Unknown Server Error While Posting

This is a bug we're currently looking into. To fix temporarily, kindly reduce the size of the image to below 1MB. Then re-upload.

How to Fix Feedback Required in Automation (Latest Fix)

If you encountered the feedback required error while running any of the automation tools, simply follow the below steps to resolve it; 1. Goto Accounts 2. Click on the RELOGIN button on the affected account 3. The feedback required error should be fixed afterwards. NOTE: If you've done the above and still experience the Feedback Required Error, simply request for a free dedicated proxy (

How to Fix Account already in Use?

If you get the error below while attempting to add your account; 'Sorry, the account is already used by another User, contact us if you think this is a mistake' This is as a result of your account already being used or was used by another account. All you need to do is simply; 1. Log in to the other account and disconnect the Instagram account from there 2. Reach out to us via chat or email with the Username and the issue will be rectified.

Fix Account Already in Use Error

If you encounter an error like the one above that states that "Sorry, the account is already in use by another User, Contact us if you think this is a mistake" What this means is that the account was already added to another Gramto account. You cannot attach a single Instagram account to multiple Gramto accounts because this places the account at risk of running activities simultaneously on both accounts. To resolve this issue; 1. Login to your previous Gramto account and delete the Insta...

I do not receive the Activation Code - How to Fix

While adding your account, if you do not receive the activation code from Instagram, kindly try the steps below; The verification code will be sent to your Instagram registered email or phone number by Instagram. 1. Ensure that your registered email and Phone number on Instagram are Correct. 2. Check your SPAM and SOCIAL tabs. Sometimes the verification code goes to the SPAM box or the SOCIAL Tab (for Gmail users). 3. Clear your browser cache and cookies and try again after 30 minutes. If yo...