How to Add a Team Member to Your Gramto Account

Starting from Version 6.1.2, Gramto let you add your team members to manage your Gramto accounts. You can assign full privileges or certain modules and privileges to your team members.

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to setup and manage your Gramto Team members.

How to Add a Team Member

Note: Your Team members must be registered at Gramto before you can add them. They cam simply signup for the Trial Plan to be eligible

To add a team member, follow the guide below;

1. Click on the Team icon from the Top Menu - 

2. Click on New Member

3. Fill in the Form that opens up. Below is the form explained;

    a. Team Alias: This should be a Unique name that your team member can easily associate to you in case they manage multiple teams. Example: Team Dropbox.

    b. Email: Your team member email (Must be registered on Gramto).

    c. Accounts: You can assign one or more Instagram accounts to your team member here. They can only manage the assigned Instagram accounts.

    d. Modules: This lets you assign certain Modules to your team member. You can only assign post related modules to your team member or assign only Automation Modules.

4. Set the Status to Active to activate the team member.


How to Login to a Team Account

If you're assigned to a team to manage an account. To login, follow the steps below;

1. Goto

2. When you log in, you'll be asked to select your desired Team account to manage on the next screen. Or simply click on the Team icon > Select a Team

Note: If your account expired and can't select a team to manage, simply click this link to bring up the select option -

3. Simply select the desired team account to start managing.

4. You can switch account anytime by clicking the Team icon on the top menu.

How to Delete a Team Member or Leave a Team

1. You can delete a team member by going to Teams > Edit > Remove

2. To leave a Team, simply click on Teams > Select a Team > Remove Me From This Team